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Easy Black Bean Soup Recipe – Spicy & Hearty

Looking for an easy lunch or dinner option that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser? Enjoy this healthy black bean soup that will leave your family full and satisfied! This tasty soup can be customized to be as spicy or as mild as you’d like. To make a vegetarian or vegan black bean soup, substitute the

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Fire Roasted Salsa Recipe – Homemade Appetizers

Perfect for sharing and entertaining, this salsa recipe uses fire roasted tomatoes to give it a rich and flavorful taste. Our homemade salsa is versatile for any occasion — use it as a dressing over taco salad, serve with guacamole and red pepper strips for scooping, or as a condiment for steak and hamburgers. Try

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Detoxification Smoothie Recipe – Dr. Erin’s Green Juice

Green vegetables are optimal for regenerating, purifying, and healing the body. Get your daily dose of antioxidants and vitamins with this green smoothie recipe. This vegetable and fruit smoothie helps your body naturally detox, improves energy levels, and is a great snack option for any time of the day. Drink your greens and try out

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Immune Boosting Smoothie Recipe – Cauliflower Berry Smoothie

Looking for all the benefits of a green smoothie without the green color? Spinach isn’t the only smoothie-friendly veggie! Cauliflower is another healthy ingredient that packs an extra nutritional boost to your homemade smoothies. Try this new spin on a healthy berry smoothie recipe, packed with vitamins and minerals — just half a cup of

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Apple Strawberry Cobbler Recipe – Healthy & Easy Desserts

Try something new with this easy apple strawberry cobbler recipe. Made with fresh strawberries and green apples, this delectably sweet and healthy dessert is Advanced Plan approved! As an extra tasty treat, our strawberry apple crisp is made from leftover crumbs from our Almond Power Bar recipe.

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